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About Tahnee Woolf

Inspirational Feldenkrais Practitioner and movement coach

“What do I do for a living? I help people make their lives effortless.”
Tahnee Woolf

Tahnee can't wait to meet you!

Tahnee is an energetic, compassionate and inspiring Feldenkrais practitioner. She is a master of personal transformation and healing. Tahnee’s clients describe her as “a horse whisperer for people.

She teaches group Feldenkrais classes, courses and workshops throughout Melbourne. Tahnee also offers powerful one-on-one Feldenkrais sessions as well as fully-personalised programs to help people dramatically improve their lives. She is also currently building the pioneering “Body Mastery Program”, the world’s first comprehensive online program to free people all around the world from pain.

Tahnee works with people from all backgrounds: chronic pain sufferers, stroke victims, elite athletes, singers and performers, people with general aches and pains. She helps her clients free themselves from pain & stiffness, develop deeper body awareness, improve their movement and posture, change their limiting thinking patterns and develop profound self-understanding. She also works with people wanting to improve their public speaking and find their true voice, teaching them how to get past their mental/emotional blocks and how to use their body to speak in a powerfully authentic way.

What Tahnee’s clients ALL have in common is that in their general lives they are  on a journey of learning and personal growth and they are ready for REAL, PROFOUND CHANGE on all levels. Tahnee’s clients are not looking for a quick fix, rather they are seeking permanent, deep transformation, profound learning and genuine self-empowerment.

Tahnee brings great energy, creativity and insight to her classes, workshops and one-on-one sessions. This comes from her unique background, which includes working as a corporate lawyer in Melbourne Australia, studying international law on scholarship at Oxford University in the UK, travelling the world studying French, Italian and Japanese… and working as a comedy screenwriter in London! She is very passionate about Feldenkrais as she herself used it to make a complete recovery from years of chronic back pain. Her years of suffering with pain and stiffness herself give her a deep compassion and gentleness with her clients that enables them to really trust her and flourish under her care.

Why did Tahnee need the Feldenkrais Method?

Although Tahnee led a seemingly glamorous life around the world, underneath her exuberant surface she was living minute by minute with increasing levels of crippling chronic back pain. She had suffered from backpain since the age of 12, when she had had to kneel at school because sitting was so painful. As the years went by this pain had become worse. By the time she was in her late 20s she was taking painkillers every day, spent hours lying in bed and in the bath and was unable to sit at all. She had to do her Oxford exams lying down and was often found lying on the floor at social gatherings and even lying on the floor at the cinema!

By late 2002 her pain levels had increased so much that she found herself barely able to walk, had to quit her job, and was struggling to pay her rent. She made the difficult decision to leave her friends and her budding new career as a writer in London and returned to Australia to devote herself full-time to getting well. Over the years she had already tried such therapies as Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Pilates, Yoga, and Acupuncture, to no avail. She now tried new approaches such as strengthening exercises, Pain Management, Trigger Point therapy, Pain Psychiatry, Kinesiology, Alexander Technique, various Healers, medications, and even spent 6 months sitting in a Hyperbaric Oxygen chamber…! But nothing helped. In fact, her condition was getting worse, for she was so worn down by the pain and by the accompanying depression that she had stopped doing almost all physical and social activities, and was only leaving the house to go to her treatments.

What happened when Tahnee tried Feldenkrais?

One day in 2004 Tahnee was referred by her GP to a physio who also happened to be a Feldenkrais Practitioner. In the very first Feldenkrais session she felt some relief from the constant pain she had been in for 7 years! Excited, she began sessions three times a week. She experienced so much improvement that she decided to enrol in the Feldenkrais Practitioner Training Program, so that she could immerse herself in the Method more intensively. After the first 5-week training segment so many of her physical functions had returned that she was unrecognisable.

As Tahnee continued to do Feldenkrais, she regained the ability to twist, bend, lie flat, sit, walk, swim, run, rollerblade… and even do cartwheels! Through Feldenkrais Tahnee re-learnt how to use her body in an effortless and pain-free way. She also learned to stop being such a driven type-A personality and how to move through the world in a gentler, calmer, more fully embodied way.

In fact pain relief was the least of the benefits Tahnee got from doing Feldenkrais. She says:

“If someone had given me a magic pill five years ago to completely get rid of my back pain, I would not be in the situation I’m in now. Yes my pain is gone now, which is a great blessing. But the absence of pain is only the smallest part of this miracle. I now feel not only pain-free, but connected to the Earth, self-aware, graceful, lithe, flexible, tall, powerful, fast, able to respond to whatever life throws at me. I feel free, I feel strong, and I feel empowered. Maybe I felt this great when I was a small child, but I can’t remember it. I feel the best I can ever remember. No magic pill could have given me that.”   –Tahnee Woolf

How is Tahnee doing now?

Tahnee is now living a full, healthy, normal life, is buzzing with energy and enthusiasm and is back pursuing her writing and other dreams.

Tahnee became so passionate about how Feldenkrais had transformed her lifethat she decided to become a Feldenkrais practitioner. She completed the 4-year Feldenkrais Practitioner training in 2008 and is now a Guild-certified Feldenkrais practitioner, qualified to teach Feldenkrais Awareness Though Movement group classes and one-on-one Functional Integration lessons.

She teaches regular classes and workshops all over Melbourne, works one-on-one with a wide range of people, and truly loves her new career.

What are Tahnee’s Feldenkrais classes and one-on-one sessions like?

When you do a Feldenkrais class or session with Tahnee, you really feel how excited she is to be sharing this remarkable and life-changing method with others. On top of the great passion she brings to her teaching, Tahnee’s experiences with chronic pain have also given her the gift of compassion and empathy. This makes her Feldenkrais teaching very safe and nurturing. And of course, Tahnee’s background as a comedy writer means that at the very least, you’ll have a smile on your face!

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If you live in Melbourne, come along and try out one of Tahnee’s classes. The first class is only $10. When you walk out the door you won’t recognise yourself! Click here to see the class times.

Or if you’d like to see Tahnee for a one-on-one session or have her design a fully-personalised program for you, email her at tahnee@feldenkraismelbourne.com.au

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