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Tahnee is now running Feldenkrais TELE-CLASSES!

You can join in by phone or Skype from your own home, wherever in the world you live, without having to drive anywhere!

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What is a group Feldenkrais Class?

Group Feldenkrais classes are called “Awareness Through Movement” lessons. (”ATMs”)

Moshe Feldenkrais designed thousands of different ATMs, so at Feldenkrais Melbourne we teach a different lesson every week. Most lessons are done lying on the floor with your eyes closed. But we sometimes do lessons in standing, on our hands and knees, sitting on the floor or on chairs, or moving around.

All ATMs taught at Feldenkrais Melbourne are extremely gentle and can be done by anyone, regardless of your age, fitness, flexibility or physical condition.

Our ATMs are taught in small friendly groups, so that individual attention can be given to each student.

What happens in an Awareness Through Movement lesson?

The teacher, Tahnee, will guide you through a series of movements that are very small and gentle. These movements are designed to help you become aware of how you use your body. People in an ATM class can start to discover fascinating things about themselves and their habits of movement that they were never aware of before.

As the lesson progresses, Tahnee will guide you through movements that will start to awaken new possibilities of how you could use your body. You may find that movements that were difficult at the start of the lesson start to feel easier and that the range of movement increases, sometimes dramatically.

At no point in the lesson will you be judged or assessed, and there will be no pressure on you to do anything right. Rather you will be invited into a gentle and playful exploration, as if you were a baby exploring movement for the first time, with a sense of wonder and joy.

What will I get out of it?

Awareness Through Movement lessons are very powerful and effective. By the end of the lesson, you will probably have learned new habits of movement that are more easeful, pain-free and dynamic. From a neurological perspective, you will have laid down some new neural pathways – ie rewired your brain. All this without any stretching or straining or exerting willpower!

People can sometimes improve very quickly in an Awareness Through Movement lesson. Students often say afterwards that they can hardly recognize their own body! When you move back out into the outside world, you will find that much of this new learning stays with you. For example, where you were previously unable to twist round when parking your car, you may suddenly find that you can. When leaning down to water your plants, you may suddenly realize you can bend more easily and that twinge in your lower back is gone.

How will it affect my state of mind?

An Awareness Though Movement lesson can be seen as a kind of meditation in motion. During the lesson you are very much in the present moment, and other thoughts and stresses simply melt away. Tahnee’s voice is very calming and many students report leaving her classes feeling deeply relaxed and more in tune with themselves.

At the same time, Tahnee’s background in comedy writing means that the lessons never get too serious, and you will usually leave with a smile on your face!

Tahnee teaches her ATMs in a way that is very supportive and caring. Her history of chronic pain makes her uniquely able to empathise with her students and guide them gently through this new and often wondrous process of learning. You will leave her classes feeling very supported and nurtured in your own journey of healing and growth.

See what some of Tahnee’s students have said about her ATM classes in Melbourne.

How do I book into a class?

If you live in Melbourne, Australia, come along and try an Awareness Through Movement class with inspirational teacher, Tahnee Woolf! See here for class times and booking info.

If you live in another city or country, stay tuned for details of classes and teachers in your area. These will be posted here soon.

Do I need to bring anything to the class?

Just wear loose comfortable clothing, like you would to a yoga class.

If you are coming to one of our Armadale classes, bring a towel or blanket to lie on.

And bring your sense of curiosity and a smile!

Try an Awareness Through Movement class today.

When you get up from the floor

…you won’t recognise yourself!