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Have You Ever Seen A Woman Speak Who Captivated You
With Her Power, Warmth, Grace And Confidence…

Have You Wished You Could Speak That Way
But Never Thought You Could…?

Imagine how you would feel if you had a clear, strong, engaging voice that inspired people, rather than a shy whisper or a shrill screech…

Imagine if you could project that beautiful voice easily and clearly, without getting tired. Think how much confidence that would give you…

And imagine if when you stood up to speak, your body was relaxed, your posture was graceful and powerful, and your body language was smooth, fluid and compelling. How confident you would be to stand up on stage with a body like that…!

By the end of Tahnee and Sarah’s first one-day course I felt more powerful and confident and I was speaking with more confidence and presence!” - Athina Geordin, Stylist & Personal Coach, Melbourne

If you are like most women, you probably wish you could stand up and speak your truth when it counts. That you could ask for what you want, get your important message across to the worldand be truly heard by your friends and family.

You may feel like you don’t yet have a clear confident voice and that you can’t speak up for what you want. You may feel afraid to stand up as a woman.

Or maybe you feel like you can only speak up by becoming masculine - by going into your head, using clever arguments, pushing your voice, standing tall and strong… and you probably find this way of speaking exhausting.

You may have seen women who are able to speak powerfully while still remaining feminine - Confident women in the public eye like Oprah or women you have met in your own life. Graceful, heart-felt, inspirational women who seem to have the world at their fingertips.

You might think that these women were just born with all that grace and confidence. But in fact, there is a secret to speaking with feminine power and effortless ease… and you can learn it more quickly than you think!

Unique Process Unlocks The Secret of Speaking Powerfully As A Woman

Tahnee and Sarah’s course was wonderful! Came together brilliantly! I feel empowered and improved.” - P Cohen, Yoga Teacher, Melbourne

The secret of the amazing women speakers you’ve seen is not so much what they say, but howthey say it. They use their body, their voice, their heart and their intuition to powerfully engage you, deeply move you, profoundly inspire you and keep you utterly riveted.

Most public speaking courses today tell you what to say, how to structure your presentation. They do not teach you how to say it: How to stand up confidently as a powerfully feminine woman and speak your truth in a way that engages and inspires people.

Sarah Wilmot and Tahnee Woolf have both spent many years learning themselves how to speak in this powerfully feminine way. They are both accomplished speakers who connect deeply with their audiences.

They have distilled all their wisdom and everything they have learned into three basic processes. Out of this they created a unique program called “Find Your Voice” which takes women deeply into these three processes to bring them effortlessly into their feminine power.

Broken into three separate workshops, each stage of “Find Your Voice” will take you to a greater depth of confidence, clarity and power as a speaker.

Learn Powerful Posture, Engaging Voice Tone, Compelling Body Language, Easy Breath & Projection

Learn to Centre Yourself, Speak from the Heart, Connect to your Audience, Radiate Confidence

LEVEL 3:  “QUANTUM SPEAKING” (three-days):
Harness your Intuition, Be Powerfully Present, Access the Source, Speak your Deepest Truth



What Makes Tahnee Such a Great Public Speaking Teacher?

It was obvious that both of you are masters of your craft. You both communicated your material with professionalism, flow, humour, and compassion. There was such a wonderful synergy between both of you.” - Athina Geordin, Stylist & Personal Coach Melbourne

Tahnee Woolf is  not just a Body Movement Master and Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner. She is also an International Speaker, renowned Wordsmith and an Empowerment Expert.

Tahnee is sought after as a keynote speaker, MC and facilitator around the world. As a speaker she exudes warmth, inspiration, insight, humour and passion. She is in huge demand as a Speakers’ Trainer, as she embodies the powerful femininity she teaches.

Tahnee draws on a wide and varied skillset as a Speakers’ Trainer. As an guru in human body movement, Tahnee runs Feldenkrais workshops teaching people how to move effortlessly and powerfully without pain. She is the creator of the pioneering “Body Mastery Program.” She draws on this expertise to give speakers powerful posture and compelling body language. Tahnee has also worked as an international screenwriter and is a poet and novelist. Her mastery over language enables her to teach speakers how to get their message across with clarity, power and impact.

Tahnee’s background as a corporate lawyer and a graduate of Oxford University make her uniquely qualified to help women balance the competing imperatives of external achievement and inner exploration. Her journey to recover from many years of chronic pain led her not only to change her career - what she was doing - but to change who she was BEING. She has learned how to move from her head into her body, then into her heart and then into her deeper spiritual wisdom and intuition. She shares these profound learnings with participants of the “Find Your Voice” Program.

Tahnee is without question a one of a kind individual who every one should want to know. Her capacity to touch and heal and understand the power of human movement, combined with her power as a person and her capacity as a speaker, makes her a wonderful teacher who can inspire your whole being.” - K Gillespie, Property Developer and Entrepreneur

Who is Tahnee Presenting This Workshop With?

Sarah Wilmot is a leading Voice Consulant, a Certified Speech Pathologist and Confidence Coach with over 10 years experience and has a highly developed ability to assess the quality of people’s voices and to assist in discovering new and easier ways of speaking.

Having over 20 years experience herself as a singer and performer, Sarah is passionate about enabling people to find their own authentic voice and maximise their vocal power, range and strength. Her desire is that people are able to express themselves in a clear, profound and professional manner.

Sarah has overcome her own natural shyness to become a powerful and yet feminine speaker. She is an expert at techniques of grounding and channeling nervous energy into confident passion. She is highly skilled at helping others overcome their own fears and limiting beliefs to step fully into their vocal power.

Sarah is great at identifying the issues and unconscious habits that prevent us from getting our message across in the most effective and powerful way. She is fun to work with and very insightful.’ - M Valos, Head of Monash University Marketing Alumni.

So your two guides on this Program have both come a long way to get where they are now! They want to save you all those years of exploration, so they have distilled everything they have learned into this unique program, to help you to quickly and easily transform yourself into a confident, powerful speaker.

But I’m Frightened to Face my Speaking Difficulties in Front of Other People

If you are like most women, you may have fears about public speaking. You might be reluctant to even go to a public speaking course where you have to stand up and speak, in case you get too nervous or fear you will look stupid.

Tahnee and Sarah really understand this, from personal experience. They have created a very safe, supportive space in which to guide participants gently from fear, into clarity, then into power.

The workshop is capped at 20 people deliberately so that it will remain an intimate, safe and nurturing experience. You will be working in small groups with other women who are facing the same challenges you are.

Sarah and Tahnee always work from their heart, in a very gentle and nurturing way, and there is lots of space and time in the day to support you should any emotions come up.

You will not only find great support from Tahnee and Sarah, but also from the other women in the group, who will all be going through the same experience as you. You may even make some wonderful new friends!

Level 1 - How Do I Take the First Step?

I loved Level 1! Everything! I feel so much more aware of myself when speaking now, and feel very empowered by experiencing the shift by the end of the day. I learned how to be much more aware of my body language, posture and speech patterns. - Athina Geordin, Stylist & Personal Coach, Melbourne

The foundation of Tahnee and Sarah’s program is very simple: mastery of your body and voice.

In order to help ground you in the confidence and power of your true voice, the very first thing you will learn from Sarah and Tahnee is how to use your body and voice like a master. Level 1 of the program is devoted to teaching you these basics in a fun, effortless way that will stick with you for life. In just one day you will make a dramatic difference to how you present yourself to the world.



Level 2 & 3 - Building on Your Amazing Foundation

Once you have learned how to use your body and voice for maximum impact and confidence, then you will be ready to move on to Levels 2 and 3.

In Level 2 you will learn how to conquer those nerves that plague so many women when they get up to speak. In this intensive two-day workshop, you will learn how to ground yourself, and how to connect to your heart, so that your message flows from your mouth effortlessly, in a way that truly moves and inspires people. You will learn how to connect deeply with your audience so that they can relate to you and so that they will never forget you. And you will learn how to radiate confidence from the tips of your toes to the top of your head!

In Level 3 you will take your public speaking to a truly profound level. You will learn how to throw away those notes, get out of your head, and be guided instead by your intuition, your inspiration, and your deepest truth. In this profound three day experience, you will go from being simply a good speaker to being an extraordinary woman with a powerful authentic voice. Someone who inspires others with her grace, her joy, her clarity and her power. Someone who can powerfully speak her truth, get her message across, and create the world she desires.

I enjoyed it immensely, and learned a lot.” - Christina Andrews, Company Director, Melbourne.

Do you want to be slick or sincere?

You will not leave Tahnee and Sarah’s Program as a slick suit-wearing saleswoman. There are plenty of courses out there that can teach you that!

You will not leave with a list of scripted hand gestures, ways to manipulate language or tricks of how to use the stage. Nor will you leave with prescriptions about how to write your speeches or how to structure your sales pitches. This “head stuff” is certainly useful to a speaker, but you can learn it in most standard public speaking courses. (We can recommend some good ones to you run by women we admire.)

Instead of learning intellectual or masculine tricks and techniques… you will leave Tahnee and Sarah’s unique “Find Your Voice” program as a powerful, confident woman, who is able to stand up and speak powerfully from her heart, guided by her intuition, using her body and her voice in a way that leaves the listener moved, inspired, and utterly riveted.

YOU will have become one of those women you admired who stands strongly in her feminine power and speaks her truth!