Feldenkrais Melbourne

Testimonials - Individual Sessions

“I never realised how much my body had stiffened up over the years and that I wasn’t standing up tall, until I came to see Tahnee. After one of her sessions I feel so flexible, and what is so remarkable is that it is even better the next day. Tahnee has also helped me to be more aware of my body during my bodywork allowing me to have a greater range of movement and less likelihood of soreness after. And all done in such a relaxing manner. Aloha”

James Thompson, Lomi Lomi Masseur, Melbourne 2011

“Christ what a difference! I feel ten years younger after our session today. Good stuff. Am walking sooooooooo much more comfortably. Muchos gracias.”

–Nick Fischer, Government Consultant, Melbourne

“When I started individual lessons with Tahnee my body was literally jammed with tension. Stiff all over, I had tried everything to unravel the knots in my body but to no avail. After just one lesson with Tahnee, I felt a sense of relief in mind and body; a rediscovering of my body’s own wisdom and ability to move efficiently. Under her gentle, intuitive and expert guidance, I am now six months into what is a fascinating and rewarding body-mind-spirit journey. Inspired by Tahnee’s own story of recovery from chronic pain, I have learnt to re-train myself to slow right down and to feel (not think or strive) my way back to comfort and ease. Tahnee is an exceptional teacher and brings a unique level of sensitivity to her teaching.”

– Charlotte Francis, Freelance Writer and Journalist, Melbourne

“My posture had been terrible most of my life and I had injured my neck in a couple of bad car accidents. To make matters worse, I spend 10+ hours a day on my laptop… so it’s probably not a great surprise that my neck, back and wrists were in constant pain. I also suffer from sleep apnoea and was facing the prospect of sleeping with a pump for the rest of my life. Well, all of that was before I started having 1-on-1 sessions with Tahnee. In just a few short weeks, I am almost pain free in my neck and back, have little or no pain in my wrists and feel that my movements are far more graceful and effortless. What more, I am much more confident in my body and have learned how to arrange myself so that I am comfortable sitting or standing. In short, working with Tahnee has revolutionised how my body feels and it feels GREAT! Thanks Tahnee!”

– Jeremy Samuel, Entrepreneur, Melbourne

“Tahnee I can’t remember ever feeling this good and I am grateful to you to the point of both laughter and tears.”

— Liza, Barrister, severe chronic pain sufferer, Melbourne

“Working with Tahnee Woolf and the Feldenkrais method has given me an effective method to manage my ongoing chronic pain, which was caused by a variety of factors that once seemed to be out of my control. I now know that I can be pain free. With that has come a rejuvenation of my self confidence, ability to achieve my goals, and a new hope for the future.”

–Matt Shelmerdine, Lawyer, Melbourne, November 2009

“Tahnee has cleared away my pain from sporting injuries  a number of times. Her real capability, however, is in unpacking and releasing my posture patterns that I have lived with for years. The benefit being that my natural posture is revealed which enables a powerful presence when presenting, ease when walking and will help to keep me sports injury free.”

–John Perry, Entrepreneur and Business Leader, Melbourne, November 2009

“The session was both highly relaxing and very constructive. I left walking the streets with an ease I’ve never known before!”

-Darren Kane, Counsellor, Melbourne June 2010

“I owe a great deal of gratitude to both Tahnee and the Feldenkrais healing system.  Over my lifetime I have been plagued by injuries that have become chronic due to the way my body would become inflamed when I had treatment. Discovering Feldenkrais and having regular treatments has changed all this and more.  The wonderfully gentle, but powerfully effective movement discipline worked so well with my body.  The benefits to my general well being were immediately noticeable and the long term effects have been profound. Tahnee’s knowledge,  professionalism, unique life experience and delightful sense of humour all combined to have a wonderful healing effect on my whole being.  Tahnee has a wonderful energy and her soothing voice helped me bring a mindfulness to the session that stayed with me long after treatments allowing me to make subtle and transformative changes in my life.  At the same time I found the sessions deeply calming on all levels and have noticed my daily living much more joyful and easier. In my work teaching students of Holistic Counselling and Communication I can really see how this work would have great impact for those seeking transformation emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.”

–Judith Richardson, Holistic Counselor and Business Owner, Melbourne, June 2008.

“I came to see Tahnee as a last resort. I had nowhere else to turn. I believed I had an injured collarbone and shoulder that was not responding to treatment. This injury/pain had been ongoing for about six years. I had been to see various practitioners from an acupuncturist, osteopath, 3 different chiropractors and a physiotherapist. Tahnee had been very highly recommended by a friend and I figured I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. I have been seeing Tahnee just about every week for six months. There has been improvement from my very first session with Tahnee and the improvement continues with every session.

I went to a Day spa with a friend last weekend and enjoyed a half hour bubble filled spa with lemongrass and rosemary essential oils, a full hour body massage, and a 15 min head and scalp massage as well as a 15 min foot massage. All very nice and relaxing, HOWEVER I realized afterwards, I would much rather have spent the money on two one-on-one sessions with Tahnee. The relaxation is more total and longer lasting. I can thoroughly recommend Feldenkrais and Tahnee. She is empathetic, encouraging and very gentle. She also knows about pain as she has been there herself. Don’t wait to come see her…life is too short to be in pain. Tahnee can help you; help yourself be free of pain forever.”

– Sue Hildred-Payne, Melbourne

“I have had ongoing one-on-one sessions with Tahnee and attended her group clases in the last few months. Specific outcomes I got from these sessions include greater ease of movement in general.  Relief from soreness/ stiffness. Greater enjoyment in my everyday movement. Greater integration of the different parts of my body in movement. Easier and fuller breathing. These sessions also, in general, made me feel more relaxed and at ease, and more settled/ embodied to be able to engage with the world with with more ease and enjoyment.  It was different to other one on one sessions that I have had in that there was a sustained gentleness/ attention to small detail coupled with a very substantial body of knowledge about how to help my nervous system/ musculoskeletal system find its way towards greater wellness. Tahnee can express herself very  clearly and well. This enables her to impart inormation and images very effectively. I also enjoy the fun and friendliness in her approach.”

–Ilan Abrahams, Theatre Director, Workshop Facilitator and Artistic Director of Sense of Place Projects. Melbourne. June 2008.

“I attend Tahnee’s individual and group sessions on an ongoing basis, and have been doing so for over a year. As a result, my lower back pain has vanished and I get great relief from other pains and blocks in my movement, as they appear. I find Tahnee to be gifted in her chosen field. She is very gentle and clear in her instructions, and has a deep insight into the body’s restrictions, whcih she is able to skillfully free. I am grateful to have found a therapist who meets my needs.”

–Phillip G Light, Dance/Movement Therapist, Elwood. Oct ‘07.

“Tahnee, after my session with you I find that I can sleep much more comfortably  in various positions. Thank you very much for your time.”

–John Zakis, Melbourne, 2010.

“”Since working with Tahnee I have learnt to be aware of parts of my body that I have never felt before. I have learnt new ways to release pain and tension and to move so that I am not causing unnecessary pain. I  can feel the improvements in my ability to recover from flares, adapt around trigger happy circumstances and to simply exist in ways that are physically more comfortable.  These movement patterns stay with me and I feel the benefit of the time spent practising Feldenkrais even when I am not thinking about it. The Feldenkrais journey is one of uncovering as much as one of discovery. I am seeing myself differently and can feel and see my potential to find an even clearer view.”

-Hayley Cafaralla, Chronic Pain sufferer, Melbourne

“I have been experiencing chronic back pain, due to an accident a few years ago (Disk Hernia in the lower back). I have tried many different methods throughout the years, but nothing has helped me as well as Feldenkrais. Every time I walked out Tahnee’s door, I felt a little more relaxed, at peace with my body and understand better how I can influence my body so it will learn to behave in a proper way.Thanks to the lessons, and the exercises to do at home, I feel that I am in control of my back and not the other way around. If I feel pain in my back I use the exercises to discover where it comes from and what I’m doing. This helps me to have a more balanced way of moving. I walk like an elegant human being now! I’ve enjoyed the personal contact with Tahnee, as she creates a very hospitable and warm atmosphere in her house/practice. To feel comfortable while lying on a table when someone is touching you is a must. And Tahnee surely earns your trust right away…. A great experience and a must do for everybody who suffers from chronic and complex back pain.”

–Wiet van Dormael, Belgium

“Tahnee I can’t believe what a huge difference that 1:1 session made the other night! I did the ATM from the Speaking course this morning and I can’t believe how my arms were moving!! My right arm in particular just kept reaching up, up and i kept waiting for it to feel like a stretch but it just kept floating up! Whole new world.”

— Angela Ashley Chiew, Melbourne

“Tahnee, Thank you so much for such a feel good lesson. It works so well for me and I did it for 10mins before I got up this morning. It’s so nice to go to sleep all unwound and relaxed after the 10min of feldy and then to wake up in the morning, and all because of 10min of feldy in bed first, actually feeling ready to take on the world! I don’t know where I would be without feldy…oh, yes I do, a crippled, grumpy, constantly in pain, really old woman before my time. No thank you! Many blessings to you, Sue x”

–Sue, Melbourne
“Tahnee, Just to let you know, it has been many years since I have rolled around on the floor as I did this afternoon. You were right, it was delicious and so freeing to be able to do that knowing that any pain was the fear of taking the action not the action itself. As always, I thoroughly enjoy the learning and the movements, and your patience. ‘Thank you’ is inadequate for what you have taught and shown me over the last couple of years I’ve known you.”
—S.H, Melbourne