Feldenkrais Melbourne

Testimonials - Public Speaking Workshops

This is how women have found our LEVEL ONE workshop “Embodied Speaking”:

“I loved it! I now feel relaxed and comfortable and excited about practising public speaking.”

– Deborah Shaw, Movement Teacher, Melbourne.

“I enjoyed the effortless learning and things started to shift at a deeper level. It was a very supportive environment. I learned to conect with my heart space and speak the truth.”

– Shelly Sun, Property Consultant, Melbourne

“The workshop was very enjoyable. I really liked the creation of a safe space. I really like the small numbers. My posture feels taller and more grounded. My voice is stronger, less breathy. My breathing is more relaxed, less in the chest, more in the belly. I learned that I let my head get in the way of my potential.”

– N.B, Doctor, Melbourne.

“I loved it! There was a great balance between the theory and practical. And two beautiful facilitators. :-) It was well organised and structured, playful and light.”

– Tiffany Makinson, Graphic Designer, Melbourne.

“I really loved it! Nothing to dislike. I discovered a number of things about my speaking and my physical capacities in my mouth muscles. I now have ease of voice projection, comfort in speaking and ease in my throat.”

– Barbara Crljen, Presenter and Coordinator of Volunteers, Melbourne.

“The workshop was enjoyable, very engaging and well-paced. The exercises were non-confronting and almost effortless, in a safe and supportive environment. I was able to overcome some fear around public speaking without going through challenging exercises, and learned about speaking more authentically, from the heart - while previously I used to be more tense and worried. While there I still a long way to go, I am impressed by the transformation that happened during this day. This transformation happened without the hard work, effortlessly – it was like allowing something natural coming to the surface that was already within me.

I feel now that speaking is much easier and actually enjoyable, than I used to think about it. While it used to be a bit scary and tense experience, I learned to trust that with practice I will be able to speak more and more naturally and powerfully, in a feminine way, sharing my truth clearly.”

– Anetta Pizag, Environmental Consultant/ Architect, Melbourne.