Feldenkrais Melbourne

Testimonials - Group Classes

What do Tahnee’s students have to say about her Melbourne Feldenkrais classes?

“I attend Tahnee’s individual and group sessions on an ongoing basis, and have been doing so for over a year. As a result, my lower back pain has vanished and I get great relief from other pains and blocks in my movement, as they appear. I find Tahnee to be gifted in her chosen field. She is very gentle and clear in her instructions, and has a deep insight into the body’s restrictions, whcih she is able to skillfully free. I am grateful to have found a therapist who meets my needs.”
–Phillip G Light, Dance/Movement Therapist, Elwood. Oct ‘07.

“Having lived for more than a decade with a ‘bad back and neck’ and all the pain and discomfort that goes with that, I had thought I’d tried pretty much everything. Like most people I know with a bad back, I’d found my own ways of coping but didn’t think anything resembling a ‘cure’ was possible. I was amazed to discover Feldenkrais - in many ways such simple concepts but so powerful in their effect. Unsure at first of the point of devoting more time and money to a new therapy, I quickly became a convert. Tahnee’s classes and her approach to teaching and sharing have helped me greatly. I look forward to each class, not just to learn something new or to feel ‘better’ but to feel great.”
–Julian Hill, Executive Political Director, Port Melbourne

“Doing a Feldenkrais class with Tahnee is like taking a mini holiday to a relaxing and comfortable place. The way she conducts the class makes me feel secure and cared for and after each session my body feels free, mobile and better put together.”
–Jeremy Samuel, Entrepeneur, Caulfield

“For years I have suffered from Fibromyalgia Syndrome, a debilitating condition that requires gentle movement for recovery, and Feldenkrais is the first exercise to give me the relief and new balance I need to live a normal active life. I have tried everything from Tai Chi, to Pilates, and swimming but nothing prepared me for the benefits that I have experienced from Feldenkrais. I have rediscovered the use of my body in a less painful way. I have found energy and balance that I did not know existed. My daughter often sometimes tells me to slow down on the way to school. I have been suffering from a build up of car accidents and emotional turmoils which occurred as far back as 27 years ago and for the first time, with the help from Tahnee Woolf and another private instructor, I believe I am on a path of recovery that will last . Thank you Tahnee with all my heart. I highly recommend Feldenkrais with Tahnee Woolf.”
–Kim Gelvin-Melville, Writer/Director, Elwood

”I have been practicing yoga for twelve years as well as doing bodywork such as shiatsu and osteopathic work. I was delighted to find how different, how simple and how results-generating Feldenkrias was: this unique form of bodywork left me feeling refreshed and re-wired in a life-affirming way. Tahnee Woolf is an excellent and well mannered practitioner who generated a calm and healing atmosphere for us all to share health, laughter and a new sense of spinal awareness. I would urge many more people to be guided in the Feldenkrias method by her.”
–Ian Dixon, Writer/Director/Teacher, St Kilda

“I have had the pleasure of being taught Feldenkrais by Tahnee Woolf over eight sessions. Tahnee has a wondefully relaxed and supportive approach as she teaches. Her genuine desire to help her students meant that I left her sessions feeling better not only physically but spiritually. Even after the first class I felt my body moving in a noticeably different manner. Many people are not familiar with Feldenkrais, and Tahnee is able to gently ease them into this way of using their body. I commend Tahnee as a Feldenkrais teacher and look forward to learning more from her myself.”
–Michael, Secondary School Teacher, Caulfield

“I enjoyed the comfortable environment and felt quite supported. After the class I did feel something had shifted. I felt more fluid and lighter. I think the teacher combined with the Feldenkrais movement contributed to this.”
–Errol Akyalcin, Counselling Psychologist, Caulfield North

“I really enjoyed Tahnee’s classes. I found that these classes allowed me to remember how to use my body in a way that was more “easeful”. It made me aware of the areas of my body that I was holding tense from my job in front of a computer. I also enjoyed feeling safe. Knowing that Tahnee has recovered from a chronic pain problem allowed me to trust that she would never force me to do something I wasn’t ready for. “
–Kylie Weaver, Technical Writer, Hawthorn.


“I enjoy the class very much, tuning into your body and realising that help is close at hand. Tahnee’s guidance is fantastic. At the end of the class I always feel rejuvenated, balanced, as if a weight has been lifted off my whole body…” Irmgard Kluger

“I like that we never know what we are going to do, but whatever we do I know I will feel better when I leave than when I arrived!” - K.C

“I always feel straighter and move more easily after each session. I’m learning to rest often and move slowly to allow my brain to learn new movements.” - Dianne Bamford

“I really enjoy the class. The variation in lessons, the relaxation… and I especially appreciate Tahnee’s clear and intuitive instruction. I find that the Feldenkrais Method has taught me to think about the way I move, and it has resulted in my doing things naturally in “the new way” without thought.” - Val Bertam.