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Testimonials - Workshops

Here are some testimonials from people who have attended my previous workshops:

“Just wanted to say thank-you for your gorgeous workshop last week. Since then I am unbelievably already more upright (less stooped) and am experiencing less lower back pain and can with anticipation taste the potential. My movement is freer and I am surprised at how I am becoming aware in a very easy manner of moving in such a way as to ease my body into to motion not jolt it. I have been following your CD and doing these simple exercises daily. I am brand new to all this and have a lot to learn however I still know within myself I am on the right track for the first time in six years of chronic lower back pain. Additionally I cancelled my appointment to see the neurosurgeon yesterday as a result. Thank you again.

– In appreciation, Anna C. (Attended workshop “Lower Back Comfort For Life”.)

“I liked it alot because the moves were slow and gentle, yet very effective. I could feel parts of my body moving and changing. I now feel much lighter, wider in my chest and taller.”

–Belinda Aquilina, Melbourne. (Attended workshop “Free Your Upper Back and Open Your Heart)

“I have suffered from fibromylagia for over two years, participating in your Get Up and Down Workshop last saturday was a major step forward for me, both with pain relief and with ease of movement.  I thought my days of standing up and sitting on the ground were well and truly over. You proved they weren’t, thank you. All the best, Wendy.”

–Wendy Stayner, Melbourne (Attended workshop “Get Up and Down Effortlessly.”

“I am feeling pain free and my neck mobility is almost perfect. I’m feeling great! I’ve realised that I can do Feldenkrais instead of taking anti-inflammatories or seeing a physio for manipulation…”

– Paul Rosenberg, Melbourne (Attended workshop “A Long Strong Neck.”)

“I’m starting to believe that I can completely recover from my chronic pain and I’m motivated to keep working.”

– Hayley Cafarella, Melbourne. (Attended workshop “Lower Back Comfort” 2010)

“Today’s workshop really improved my flexibility and increased my self-awareness.”

–Diana Yates, Melbourne (Attended workshop “Free Your Upper Back and Open Your Heart”)

“I’ve been using the minimoves CD most days since the workshop, and the difference is amazing. Physically the hips and pelvis feel a lot looser, but I also find it so relaxing for the mind as well. Thanks heaps.”

–Rodger Clarke, Melbourne. (Attended workshop “Slinky Hips & Pelvis”)

“I have more freedom of movement now, increased range of movement, and am feeling more calm. I’ve learned that minimal movement changes can alter your posture and ease your body pain!”

– Neil Penney, Melbourne. (Attended workshop “A Long Strong Neck.”)

“I found the workshop very relaxing and it made me very aware of my back and how I can use it more efficiently. I feel so much more confident now.”

-Carla Zipper, Melbourne (Attended workshop “Lower Back Comfort” 2010)

“The workshop was great. I felt my spine slowly flattening throughout the workshop and my shoulders shift back and square up. My mood also lifted from a little tense to a happy carefree “open-hearted” state. My lower back feels more mobile and my shoulders and upper back feel more limber.”

–Wayne Starkey, Melbourne (Attended workshop “Free Your Upper Back and Open Your Heart”

“I loved it! I love the way I am feeling in my body - elongated and expanded. More balanced.”

– Christine Garbett, Melbourne. (Attended workshop “A Long Strong Neck.”)

“Good - very freeing. I liked the amount of time spent to explore the exercises. I feel less pain, happy, relaxed, hopeful. I learned how to integrate good posture into a natural free flowing state.”

–Ghofar Bourke, Melbourne. (Attended workshop “Lower Back Comfort” 2010)

“I really enjoyed it. I felt looser and more positive at the end. I liked the instant change in my sitting comfort.”

– Dorothy (Attended workshop “How to Sit Comfortably For Hours” in 2010)

“I discovered a whole new way to sit and get up & down…  a revelation!”

– Charlotte (Attended workshop “How to Sit Comfortably For Hours” in 2010)

And you can also watch some video testimonials from previous workshops: